What Milk to Drink

November 5, 2019 Mashup Kaffe 0

An interesting article by WebMD about milk and the nutritional content of each.  Below I posted three out of the 16 they wrote about; the […]

Eat More of These As You Age

September 5, 2019 Mashup Kaffe 0

Fiber Whole Grains Nuts Water Lean Protein Fish Dairy Products Blueberries Red and Orange Coloured Produce Cruciferous Vegetables Dark Leafy Greens Avocado Sweet Potato Spices […]

Kama Sutra Chai

Kama Sutra Chai

September 25, 2015 Mashup Kaffe 0

A tempest in a teapot, an elixir of love to fuel dangerous passions. One of our most delicious and fragrant chai creations; rich, warm, seductive, […]

Benefits of Oolong Tea

October 3, 2013 Mashup Kaffe 0

Regulates Insulin Spikes Drinking Okuma’s premium Oolong Tea 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates helps to reduce the insulin spike you would normally experience after eating […]

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Oolong Tea

October 3, 2013 Mashup Kaffe 0

Ti Kuan Yin (Tie Guan Yin), Iron Goddess Other spellings and names include “Ti Kuan Yin”, “Tit Kwun Yum”, “Ti Kwan Yin”, “Iron Buddha”, “Iron […]

Golden Tonic

Golden Tonic

September 27, 2010 Mashup Kaffe 0

Rich, smooth, warming and comforting, this delicious turmeric tonic is perfect for golden milk lattes. Golden Tonic is perfect for lattes! A sweet, spicy and […]