Heart of the Matter Documentary

3 Biggest Heart Disease Risks, Cholesterol Isn’t on the List

You’ve been told to be wary of cholesterol, but it all stems from a myth dating back to the 1950s where results were omitted from 16 countries. Here’s what’s really going on, and it’s so accurate vested interests ‘convinced’ ABC to rescind this TV series.


• The most significant risk factors of cardiovascular disease are insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation
• The documentary “Heart of the Matter” exposes the saturated fat/cholesterol myths behind the statin fad and the financial links which lurk beneath
• The research by physiologist Ancel Benjamin Keys establishing the saturated fat/cholesterol theory omitted results from 16 countries
• Replacing saturated fats with double-bonded transfats is a health risk
• Polyunsaturated, omega 6 fats oxidize and become rancid, causing inflammation
• The worldwide success of dangerous and ineffective statins rests on poor science

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