The Cholesterol – Heart Disease Link

Studies have shown that high blood cholesterol directly contributes to coronary heart disease.

Regular Physical Activity
raises “good” (HDL) cholesterol
reduces blood pressure
strengthens your heart muscle

Be active. As an example, any form of exercise ending in “ING” helps reduce your appetite and burn calories.  Do not be discouraged if you are not losing weight in the beginning.  The scale can’t reflect loss of body fat and build up of muscle.  However, over time, you’ll see a change in how your clothing fits or in your body measurement.  That’s when you start to benefit long term!

The benefits of lowering cholesterol levels are tremendous – it can reduce the risk of having a heart attack that requires surgery, and dying from coronary heart related diseases.

A change in diet is a great start to lowering your cholesterol level and improving your overall health,  For some people, it may be necessary to add a cholesterol lowering medication to each recommended target levels in addition to a change in diet.

Exercise that ends in “ING”
Running, brisk walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, climbing, cycling

Work with your doctor and participate in the successful planning of your own treatment to reach your cholesterol target.

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This piece was created with the assistance of the following advisory panel:
Kori Kingsbury, BSN, RN
Frances Johnson, RDN
Donald Barker, RDN
Adapted from Canada's Food Guide, Health Canada
The Canadian Diabetes Association has reviewed the "Making the Connection" program for its medical and scientific accuracy.  The Canadian Diabetes Association does not endorse the products of any pharmaceutical company.

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