Middle Eastern Seasoning Mix

Middle Eastern spices mix can be used as a rub or seasoning on meats, for shawarma or chicken, as a seasoning for buddha bowls, on roasted chickpeas, nuts or seeds.

All ingredients are ground or powdered

½ tsp Cloves
½ tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Cardamon
1 tsp Ginger
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Cayenne
1 tsp Allspice
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Salt

2 tsp Paprika
2 tsp Cumin
2 tsp Black Pepper
2 tsp Garlic Powder

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix with a spoon until well blended
2. Pour into an airtight jar or container
3. Secure the lid

Pay attention to the individual ‘best before’ date on the spices. Keep it stored in a tight container.

Inspired by Veena Azmanov
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