Varieties of Apples

This is not a complete list, however, I will continue to populate it with other varieties and relevant information.


  • Sweet, crisp, aromatic flavor reminiscent of pear and low acidity.
  • Mostly red coloration, with yellow patches.
  • Flesh is cream-colored, firm meat
  • Medium to large in size
  • Developed in British Columbia in the early 1990s.
  • Believed to be a cross of a Jonagold and Golden Delicious.
  • Ripens mid to late season

Autumn Crisp

  • Sweet tart flavor
  • flesh resists broowning
  • high in Vitamin C
  • late season


  • A Ben Davis/McIntosh cross
  • large flat, dull red apple with a purple hue and soft, white flesh
  • Less aromatic than McIntosh
  • Good keeper.
  • Very good in salads.
  • Mid season


  • Light green to yellowish white
  • Sweet, rich, full flavor, very juicy and super crisp.
  • Firm, dense texture
  • Best for: eating fresh
  • Mid – late season


  • A McIntosh type apple
  • Long shelf life
  • Aromatic and crisp with creamy white juicy flesh.
  • Flesh does not brown quickly when sliced
  • Tasty blend of sweet and tart
  • Best for: eating fresh and baking
  • Early – Mid season


  • Very sweet, aromatic flavor
  • Yellow-green with red highlights
  • Originated in Japan.
  • Best for: eating, salads, best applesauce apple
  • Late season


  • Developed in New Zealand.
  • Sweet, aromatic flavor
  • Best for: eating, salad, best applesauce apple
  • medium to smaller in size with a distinctive red and yellow striped heart-shaped appearance.
  • Early to mid season

Golden Delicious

  • Firm white flesh which retains its shape
  • Rich mild flavor when baked or cooked.
  • Tender skin
  • Stays white longer when cut;
  • Best for: salads, blend in applesauce
  • Early season

Granny Smith

  • Very tart
  • Bright green appearance, crisp bite and tart apple flavor.
  • Best for: people who like tart apples rather than sweet ones 🙂
  • Mid to late season
  • Not good for applesauce unless you add sugar (or like a very tart applesauce)


  • Introduced in Minnesota
  • Very sweet and aromatic
  • Great for juice, as it is a very juicy apple
  • Best for: Eating, pies, baking
  • Mid season

Ida Red

  • Crisp with a sweet tart flavor.
  • Great for pies and fresh eating.
  • Late season

Best for: eating, sauce, salad, good as part of a blend for applesauce
Sweet, mild flavor

Red Delicious

  • Best for: eating, salad, very good as a base apple for applesauce
  • Thin bright red skin with a mildly flavored fine-grained white flesh.
  • Bruises easily and does not keep well.
  • Early to mid season
  • There are many, many varieties of red delicious, so there is a range of properties. Not all red delicious are the same!