What Can Ashitaba Do For You?


  • Both the leaves and stalks of a Japanese herb called ashitaba, aka Angelica keiskei (AK), can be eaten raw, dried, boiled or ground to make supplements or juice, and the roots can be pickled
  • Ashitaba has been shown to have regenerative abilities, positively affecting numerous diseases due to the presence of powerful compounds, including chlorophyll, quercetin, lutein, coumarins, flavones and chalcones
  • A natural substance known as 4,4′-dimethoxychalcone (DMC) in ashitaba can clean out “cellular garbage” that accumulates in aging cells and causes disease
  • When tested on worms and fruit flies — common test subjects — researchers found that DMC treatment increased their lifespans by about 20 percent
  • Studies show ashitaba may protect liver cells from damage, decrease blood clotting, prevent tumor growth and metastasis, decrease blood clotting, kill harmful bacteria, reduce waist circumference and more

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