Work Longer Days in Exchange for a 3-day Weekend?

The short answer is, yes!

Report by Angus Reid says 7 out of 10 Canadians would work longer days in return for 3-day weekends, which is a 25% increase since the poll by Gallup Canada in 1981.

The report, released June 22, also found that almost half of Canadians want to take the idea further, moving to a 30-hour work week.

It’s an idea that’s been put to the test around the world, and more recently in America. France adopted the 35-hour work week in 2000, while workers in the Netherlands average 29 hours a week.
In North America, the shortened week is being put to the test at such tech companies as Amazon, where a pilot program testing the 30-hour work week started in 2016.

The poll found that preference for a 30-hour work week was present across age and gender, with the largest factor in differing opinions being political affiliation.

Would you work 4-10 hour days in exchange for a 3 day weekend or a traditional 5 day work-week?

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