Seven Steps to Make Your Business Instagram Account Successful

“Instagram is a platform that allows for a lot of creativity and different ways to put your brand forth. It is known that Instagram gets a younger audience, with 59% of users in the 18-29 age range. If you are looking to renew your client base or create brand awareness for a new market, it could be an effective channel. There is a key, though, to make sure you’re efficient on this platform and that you get the intended results.”

Jonathan Laberge, the writer of this article, split these into seven steps

Step One: Understand who you’re talking to.
Step Two: Use relevant hashtags.
Step Three: Develop a creative style.
Step Four: Optimize your profile.
Step Five: Be part of the community.
Step Six: Obtain reach.
Step Seven: Measure and react.

Read the full article and expanded information of each point, on Forbes