Windsor Business Networks

Windsor Business Networks is a ground-roots strategic community partner whose efforts have created niche marketing and networking strategists in Windsor/Essex County area. WBN nurtures your dreams and guides your path to fruition

At Windsor Business Networks we are committed to our community and feel the importance of continually nurturing it. This is based on our core belief of integrity, honesty, positive contribution to the community and always striving to reach new heights of personal excellence by working together for a stronger tomorrow.

Windsor Business Networks is the operating name of Career and Business Resource Centre of Windsor and Essex County, which is a registered not-for-profit providing information, developing community based events and fundraiser activities that help other organizations and the community.


Mission Statement

At Windsor Business Networks our mission is to ¹promote local business, connect companies, and perform charitable services to support community generated economic strategies.


Land Acknowledgement

Career and Business Resource Centre of Windsor & Essex County is a registered not-for-profit operating as Windsor Business Networks from Windsor, Ontario.
We would like to respectfully acknowledge that the land we are grateful to currently live and work on, which was inhabited by Indigenous Peoples who have travelled this area since time immemorial, is the traditional territory of the Three Fires Confederacy of First Nations, comprised of the Ojibwe, the Odawa, and the Potawatomi Peoples.

We are dedicated to honouring Indigenous history and culture while remaining committed to moving forward respectfully.


Our Beginning

Nancy Tessier created Windsor Business Networks out of a desire to boost the local economy by promoting community businesses through the website, social media, in person and by word-of-mouth. Several years after starting the business, Ms. Tessier began promoting local job listings that are serving the community well, with many people gainfully employed as a result.

Nancy Tessier,

CKLW Interview February 16, 2014
Pay It Forward is Literally on the Menu Windsor Star: December 25, 2013
CKLW Interview November 10, 2013
Business Connector Opening in Walkerville Windsor Star: September 26, 2013


Nancy Tessier, Winner of the 2013 Powerhouse Professional Award

Winner 2013 Powerhouse Professional Award

On November 15, in a category with over 30 nominees, Ms. Tessier was honoured to win the Biz X 2013 Powerhouse Professional Award at a very lavish ceremony at the St. Clair Centre of the Arts.

WBN Code of Ethics

To maintain an organization of professionals recognized for pursuing the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, we would like all Windsor Business Networks members and fans to subscribe to these Code of Ethics. We also encourage new insight, additions and feedback regarding these ‘codes’ during our monthly Mass Collaboration Mashup.

Windsor Business Networks members:

  • Shall continually strive to raise the level of professionalism and excellence through an ethical, reliable and competent conduct
  • Shall provide compassionate, professional service of the highest level at all times
  • Shall adhere to all safety standards set for their related industry
  • Shall utilize proper legal contracts to protect themselves and their clients
  • Shall treat other professionals with the utmost respect
  • Shall encourage newcomers to business through local mentoring and intern programs
  • Shall provide their time and talent to benefit the community through the local WBN philanthropic efforts or other opportunities
  • Shall utilize continuing education programs and networking opportunities to enhance their knowledge base and raise their level of professionalism
  • Shall NOT directly or indirectly post spam on any online medium.


Social Media & Jobs Board

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for Spammers, Trolls, and Gremlins.
Any content generated by such will be (at our sole discretion) either removed or billed to the responsible company as per the posted advertising rates.


Contact Us

We’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions and comments. Constructive criticism on ways to improve our site is also welcome.

Please email us to…
–   ask a question
–  make relevant suggestions
–  share a link of interest
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–  inquire about advertising, graphic design, collaborations
–  tell us what a fabulous job we’re doing 🙂
–  send us feedback

We have removed our contact form to cut-down on the amount of spam our servers are having to handle.  To contact us, visit our Facebook page.


The Fine Print

¹ No warranties implied or expressed
² Annual Mashup Membership is available
³ Listings on any part of our website is to be considered a courtesy and not a “right” on your part or an “obligation” on ours

All Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice
Use of this website or any of our social media account constitutes agreement with these terms and others listed on this website. It is your responsibility as the user of our site and social pages, to make yourself familiar with these terms and check back often for updates or changes.