“At Windsor Business Networks we are committed to our community and feel the importance of continually nurturing it. This is based on our core belief of integrity, honesty, positive contribution to the community and always striving to reach new heights of personal excellence by working together for a stronger tomorrow.”

Our team makes that possible!

Many hands make light work.
With that in mind, we decided to split the responsibilities of generating content, by regions based on the city of Windsor Wards. As a result, we began a search for new members of our team as Regional Content Creators.

WBN is looking forward to populating the lists below, with all the new team members.

Administrators & Social Managers

Nancy Tessier
Ernie Tessier
Vicki Saad
Allie Simmons

Former Members

Kimberley Dendiuk
Dan Anger
Jen J Roldan
Mike Crawford

Team Windsor

Team Windsor badge
Team Windsor Badge
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Any person using this graphic on any website or product, who is not listed on this page as current or past member of the WBN team, is not authorized to do so.