COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Safe
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Covid-19 Stay Home Stay Safe

-NO. You can’t go to your friend’s house. -NO. You can’t just go browse at Walmart. -NO. You can’t go to your parents’ house. -NO. Your kids can’t go to the park. -NO. Your kids […]


Five Tips on Public Speaking

Hearing the word presentation can quickly send someone into cold shivers, especially the word we all hate, public speaking. Public speaking can be scary for all of us! Especially when it’s a large audience. Fortunately, […]


School Bus Safety

Drivers: know the rules When driving on a road WITHOUT a median: • drivers travelling in both directions must stop for a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing • when you approach […]

Annual Events

Manners At Work Day

Many of us spend more time at work than at home, so it’s really important to have fulfilling relationships both with colleagues and customers. Bring Your Manners To Work Day was created by The Protocol […]