Reimagined Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex Survey

The City of Windsor would like to encourage all of the Recreation and Culture participants to help shape our community.
The City of Windsor periodically conducts surveys as a means of soliciting ideas and opinions from residents so they can better serve the community as a whole and they would appreciate your input. They also invite you to share this information with friends and family!
Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex Reimagined
Windsor City Council is planning to invest millions of dollars in the city’s west end by transforming and modernizing Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex into a multi-faceted facility that will become a community hub for all around. But they want to hear from you again!
In addition to virtual public information meetings and a downloadable comment form (see link above), they have three short surveys (powered by SurveyMonkey) that will help them hone in on what’s most important to you:
City of Windsor Recreation & Culture Department