Covid-19 Stay Home Stay Safe

COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Safe

-NO. You can’t go to your friend’s house.
-NO. You can’t just go browse at Walmart.
-NO. You can’t go to your parents’ house.
-NO. Your kids can’t go to the park.
-NO. Your kids can’t have playdates.
-NO. You can’t have people over for drinks.
-NO. You shouldn’t go to Tim’s or Starbucks.
-NO. You can’t visit your sister’s family.
-NO. You can’t visit your brother’s family.
-YES. You can go for a drive, just stay in the car!

Get it?

-YES. It sucks.
-YES. It’s sad.
-YES. It’s scary.
-YES. Some days it’s boring.

But …
YOU need to GET IT!!!

YOU may not have symptoms.  BUT… you have no clue if you contracted it on your trip to the grocery store
OR on your cup from Tim Hortons
OR from the box of spaghetti you grabbed at Walmart
OR on the door knob at your friend’s house from someone that was there earlier
OR from the gaz nozzle at Irving.
Do you get it now?

Symptoms do not appear right away so you CAN’T know IF you have it or IF someone that visits you has it!

Your parents may find it hard with no visitors but you are protecting them by not visiting!

I know I wouldn’t want to be the reason why my mother or father-in-law or meme-in-law gets this virus.  I would never forgive myself.

And think if everyone thinks that going to the park by ourselves with the kids is social distancing if no one else is there…
ya, maybe…
But what if 5-6 families did the same thing that day?
And one, only one of them has the virus without knowing it and played on the monkey bars and on the swings, and your kids are now touching those things.  How would you feel now that your kid has it because you should’ve stayed home but didn’t!

NO staying home is not just for people that have travelled… it’s for EVERYONE!!! Each and everyone one of us.
What is so hard about it?
Spend time with your family.
Staying home and social distancing means at home with the people that live with you.

The faster we do this, the faster this will be over!

Go for groceries and NECESSITIES once a week and go home.
#stayhome #staysafe

Author Jose Castillo via Facebook