Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Officially Operational

The Windsor Police Service is pleased to formally announce that a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) is officially operational and now another tool available to help keep our community and officers safe.

We often respond to calls for service that require additional support to locate missing persons, to collect evidence and to enhance the safety of our public where risks to community members and officers exist. The addition of trained officers piloting the RPAS can assist in these situations and may lesson or even eliminate risks associated to these types of calls for service.

Anticipated uses for the RPAS include but are not limited to:

Assisting in locating missing and vulnerable persons
Obtaining digital and aerial images to support criminal investigations
Assist at collision scenes
Assist with marine emergencies
Assist in calls where having digital images can reduce or eliminate risks to persons; such as a bomb call, hazardous material spill, and weapons call.

Officers piloting the RPAS have completed extensive training and are all qualified operators. At this time, six officers are trained and qualified pilots.

The RPAS will be deployed as needed in response to calls for service. The RPAS will be deployed for specific and legitimate law enforcement purposes.

The RPAS is a positive addition to the Windsor Police Service and will greatly assist with community/officer safety and will increase efficiency during many calls for service.