Roofer Repossesses Roof

Roofer charged after repossessing roof, police say

A roofing contractor was charged Tuesday after removing the shingles from a customer’s roof during a payment dispute, causing thousands of dollars of damage, police said.

The lessons WBN wants you to take away from this:
1. Deal with reputable companies
2. Have all agreements in writing
3. Ask for references
4. Pay your bills in a timely manner.
5. Don’t assume certain things can’t be repossessed



The victim had a verbal agreement with Andrew Jackson Higdon III to replace her roof in 2016 and he would defer payment until her insurance issued her a check

• The work was completed in June 2016
• December Higdon started asking for payment
• December 22nd, 2016 the woman returned home to find her roof was missing the shingles and roofing paper
• Unable to cover her roof; rain caused $11,500 in damage to her ceiling and furniture.

Higon was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property and criminal trespass, according to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office. He was released on $4,500 bond.


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