Use the Phone





I’m no loner a fan of meetings in person.  I mean, who has the time to run around town meeting with people all day?

I’ve spent entire days going from one place to the next, drinking coffee, eating lunch, having hors d’oeuvres dinners to end only with indigestion at the end of the day.   On these days I feel like I’m in a reality TV show where someone is scripting the day and the person I’m meeting with has to do things a certain way to satisfy the appetites of their followers.

After a couple of years of juggling appointments, I scribbled this in my notepad and now sharing it on the website because there seems to be many others feeling the same way.
You don’t always need a face-to-face meeting
Some things can be accomplished with a phone call
There are,
No cameras following you around;
No producers writing your scripts
So please, stop living like a celebrity on a reality show

When is it appropriate to meet in person?
Here’s a short list

  • When you have paperwork to deliver or pick up
  • When you need a signature on documents
  • When you are meeting with a group of people (board meetings etc)
  • When you are meeting with your banker, bookkeeper or accountant,
  • When you are co-authoring documents/books

When should you make a phone call?

  • When you want to place an order
  • To clarify or update information
  • To ask a question

‘If the shoe fits logic’ by WindsorBN