Job Seekers Beware!

Think before you act and watch out for scams.

There is an old Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor” which means let the buyer beware. This is good advice for every job seeker at all times.

I find that many job seekers are very naive when they are searching for jobs and reviewing job descriptions.

Just because a job has been posted on a career services website, company website or internet job board, does not mean it is complete, accurate or wholly legitimate.

Don’t think someone else is doing the quality control on job postings for you. That’s your job.

If you look carefully at most online job boards you will find a disclaimer that says something like “we do not necessarily endorse any of the positions or companies listed on this site.”

Get the idea?
Think before you act.

Don’t decide NOT to apply for a job because you don’t think you want to work in that field!

I hear it all the time.

Don’t assume that employers will recognize your qualifications.

You might read a job posting and be convinced that you are qualified to do the job. You might feel very strongly that you are the perfect candidate.

Don’t keep this a secret from the employer!

Don’t assume the job description is complete, well-written or realistic in its stated expectations.

Looking for work is hard enough as it is! Don’t over-complicate the process by not being a savvy consumer.

Caveat Emptor! That means you, if you are looking for a job.

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Matt Berndt, The Campus Career Coach



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