Big Creek Conservation Area

Big Creek is located at the western tip of Lake Erie, only six kilometres from Holiday Beach. It is the largest wetland in the area and attracts masses of migrating birds as they cross the lake at its narrowest point. Big Creek Conservation Area and Holiday Beach were designated an Important Bird Area on September 16, 2000. The IBA designation recognizes the importance of Big Creek as an important natural area through which thousands of raptors migrate each fall. A wide variety of raptors and other birds can be seen in this area, particularly during the fall migration as they move south. As a shallow, wide expanse of water, Big Creek is also a popular place with waders such as herons and egrets.

There are no facilities specifically for Big Creek Conservation Area, but Holiday Beach Conservation Area is adjacent to Big Creek, where a 3 storey viewing tower provides beautiful vistas.

This is the location of our Heritage Forest site. A walking trail winds through the site, and signage is in place to identify how the program restores select tracts of land to a natural state while memorializing loved ones. People are respectfully requested to not mark trees, as the goal of the Heritage Forest is to become a true natural area. As well, marking tree can cause death or damage to the trees.

3272 County Road 20, Amherstburg, ON