How to Pick the Right Watermelon

Not much refreshes on a warm summer day, as much as watermelon.   Since I have been the victim of under-ripe, tasteless watermelon so often in the past,  I am starting to think my sniff-and-knock method isn’t an accurate gauge of watermelon readiness.   This year I am going to make my choices based on the information in the infographics I saw on social media.

The Stem
If the stem is green, the watermelon is not ripe yet.  Just remember “green stem, green watermelon”.

If the stem is dry and brown the watermelon is ripe and ready.

The Webbing
At the base of the stem is the webbing.  If the webbing is small, the watermelon will be bland.  However, if you look for a watermelon with large webbing, it will be sweet.

The Spots
Pick the watermelon with the orange patches because that’s the one that will be delicious and stay away from the ones with white spots, as they will be tasteless.

Lastly, The Gender
Elongated watermelon is male and watery, and the larger, round watermelon is female and is sweeter.

Putting It All Together
Select the round watermelon with the brown stem and large webbing, which has the orange spots and you’ll be sure to enjoy the juicy sweet taste of watermelon as it’s meant to be.

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