Don’t Make These 8 Mistakes When Negotiating A Salary

These blunders could prevent you from earning the salary you’re worth.

Everyone loves getting a job offer, but few job seekers like negotiating salary. The process is fraught with worries that you’ll ask for a number that’s too low or too high, that the employer will try to lowball you in their offer or that you won’t even know how to evaluate their offer effectively. But salary negotiation doesn’t have to be so tricky. Avoid these eight mistakes and you’ll be significantly better off than most salary negotiators.

1. Being unprepared.
2. Letting the employer base their offer on your past salary history.
3. Lying about your past salary.
4. Not verifying your research.
5. Giving a salary range when you’ll be disappointed if you’re offered the lowest end of it.
6. Playing games.
7. Worrying that if you negotiate, the employer will pull the offer entirely.
8. Not considering factors other than salary.

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